Telemedicine Video Visit

3/14 NY Governor announces: "No Co-Pays for Telemedicine Visits" (learn more)

Video or phone calls

HIPAA compliant using Doximity or "Meet by Google" technology

You will get a text message or phone call around the time of your appointment.

Google account is NOT required.

Please make sure your camera and microphone are enabled in your phone or computer system settings.

iPhone Users:

FAQ: Do I have to use Google Hangouts Meet? Can I use Apple FaceTime instead?

Answer: Please let us know of special requests to use alternative communication.

The US Dept. of Health and Human Services has recently announced that healthcare providers may use non-HIPAA-compliant means of communication during the Coronavirus national emergency.

We have a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Google G Suite as a healthcare provider, to ensure that Google Hangouts Meet is HIPAA-compliant for your privacy protection.

If you make a special request to use Apple Face Time, please beware that Apple Face Time does not offer HIPAA-compliant communication, and your privacy could become compromised if you waive HIPAA compliance.