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Dr. Naomi Hayashi MD & Dr. Kichiemon Asoma MD

Experienced Eye Care : Ophthalmologist Eye Specialists in NYC

Undergraduate: Princeton University

Medical School: Cornell University (Weill)

Internship: NY Presbyterian - Queens

Residency: NY Presbyterian - Cornell

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Undergraduate: Columbia University

Medical School: SUNY Downstate

Internship: Albert Einstein (Philadelphia)

Residency: SUNY Downstate

Fellowship: U. Texas Southwestern

Undergraduate: Brandeis University

Optometry School: NSU Optometry '21*

Honorably Discharged Army Veteran

Former Law Enforcement Officer

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Naomi Hayashi, MD and Kichiemon Asoma, MD specialize in gentle eye exams as caring, attentive physicians with up-to-date advanced imaging technology. Dr. Naomi Hayashi and Dr. Kichiemon Asoma offer gentle exams and treatments for: Cataracts, Glaucoma, exam specialized for diabetes eye health, high blood pressure & hypertension, Dry eyes, Red eyes, Itchy eyes, Burning sensation in eyes, Sandy feeling in eyes, Blepharitis, Contact lenses, Glasses, LASIK, Presbyopic intraocular lenses (Synfony, Restor), Eyelid or eye growths and styes. Astigmatism and keratoconus screening. Floaters, Macular degeneration, Macular pucker, Retinal tears, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Plaquenil use. Light sensitivity, pressure around the eyes, Migraines. Drivers license exams. 日本語

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